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Blitz Football Pro

4.3 ( 2253 ratings )
Спорт Игры Боевики Спорт
Разработчик Coresoft Inc.
3.99 USD

Blitz! Football is the most entertaining and action packed football game you can get for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or have never touched a football you can immediately pick this game up and play just by touching the screen to throw a pass.

Pass as though you are throwing a short pass to Michael Turner or get on a hot streak and feel like you are completing a long bomb to Vincent Jackson.

Start off easy with single pattern receiver routes and work your way up to a mad blitz of footballs, receivers and defensemen!

With each completed pass you can crank up the score multiplier, kickoff HAIL MARY Mode, and work your way to the top of the Worldwide Leaderboards!

Amazing graphics with a professional looking 3D football field.

Five different play modes including High School, College, Pro, All-Star and Endless Blitz.

Real life ball physics, throw a fast pass or a long arching bomb.

Score multiplier – make consecutive passes for higher completion scores.

Hail Mary Mode – complete five passes in a row and your receivers start heading for the endzone for huge points.

Worldwide Online Leaderboards for every play mode.

If you enjoyed

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or just like really cool games, You are going to love Blitz! Football!